Sunday, 29 April 2007

life drawing

life sketches life sketches
life sketches
these are some of yesterday's sketches

EDM challenge # 102

power plug.jpg "draw a power plug" i did this sketch from the old kind of power plugs here. nowadays the appliances come with other kind of plugs. i'll make another sketch of them later.

Friday, 27 April 2007

gouache painting from photo

gouache painting from photo gouache painting from photo, originally uploaded by dibujandoarte.
today i painted from the same photo than yesterday with gouache. i like more working with oils but anyway one has to try every possible media. i made the drawing lines after i painted with a black flat derwent pencil. it's about 35x50cm so i had to scan it in three parts the join them to make only one piece. again i changed the colours and the background.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

graphite drawing from photo

graphite drawing from photo graphite drawing from photo, originally uploaded by dibujandoarte.
yesterday i did this drawing from a photo in a magazine. I only took the pose of the person, but change it a lot. suppressed the background and made another one up. the black trousers changed into the white of the paper, looks completely different. for all the (c) subject i even hid part of his head, hahaha.

life drawing

life drawing life drawing, originally uploaded by dibujandoarte.
this is a super quick sketch i did last saturday during the class. i would like to some day make more loose drawings+watercolors, a-la-Casey Toussaint, hahaha. I admire her work very much.

EDM challenge # 12

EDM challenge # 12 i made this drawing from memory. i had "empanadas" for dinner a few days ago, but i didn't think of drawing it at that moment, so later that night i made the drawing of what they look like and the process for preparing them. it's all written in the drawing.

EDM challenge # 108

EDM 108 draw a light bulb
EDM 108 draw a light bulb,
originally uploaded by dibujandoarte.
i changed the bulb from the bathroom so before i thew it away i remember of this challenge and i drew it. i didn't put much attention to the metal part, i liked most the glass to work. guess will have to try making others but working more the curves and lights/shadows on the metal.

EDM challenge # 7

EDM 7 -  draw a bottle EDM 7 - draw a bottle, originally uploaded by dibujandoarte.

the explanations are in the drawing itself. at seeing it smaller on the screen i see it's a little twisted, anyway...

i've just realized that i dated the drawing i did last sunday apr 22 as apr 30. luckily i don't drink alcohol, otherwise i could've dated it year 3025, hahaha.

EDM challenge # 115

EDM challenge # 115 (2)

EDM 115 draw a shopping cart EDM 115 draw a shopping cart, originally uploaded by dibujandoarte.
this is the one my mother has to buy at near shops, but doesn't usually use it. at supermarkets they have their own, as usual everywhere for the great posts i've seen. i sketched the other one, but the wheel was out of place. I tried with this one but the perspective looks strange. I used a pigmented marker and color pencils.

Friday, 13 April 2007

EDM challenge # 76

Challenge # 76 was to draw some flowers or foliage. the first one belongs to a corner in the backyard. i did it a couple of days ago, and though it's autumn already there are still lots of flowers. the second one are some buds growing in a vase with just water in the kitchen.

EDM challenge # 16

hahaha. i don't know if this a valid entry. EDM challenge # 16 was to draw a favourite tool. i have a few tools which i use to bind books, but i guess this pen is my favourite one. i did the drawing with a similar one while this one was posing especially for me, and the best: "for free", hahahaha.

EDM challenge # 11

the idea was to draw one's glasses but i don't wear any so i did these i found on the kitchen table.

life sketches

not much to comment on these. just made lots of scribblings and quick sketches while the others were painting. i chose these two among all.

Monday, 2 April 2007

life drawing

last week i started to read "the natural way to draw". i'm trying to do the exercises proposed. so last saturday during the class i took a few minutes to try to put this in practice. i did several tries, non-showables, hahaha, but this one is the last i did, in which i tried not to look at the paper i was drawing on; it's very difficult no to do that when one is used to doing it, but in this one i looked a few times just to know where i was putting the pencil (dry marker-staedtler - black). i'm geting into a new world with this
NOTE: after several comments I received, I wanted to explain I didn't do this drawing as a contour, but gesture drawing or quick study of about 1'30"-2 min

EDM challenge # 112

"something fresh"
for me this eau de cologne means fresh.
during the summer, on very hot days i have a shower (several a day sometimes) then putting some of this cologne makes me feel fresh. even though it's very hot. as you can see it's almost finished, like summer here, so now in autumn i'll buy another one with other smell, not sooo fresh.