Monday, 17 March 2014

Oil study

Oil study by dibujandoarte
Oil study, a photo by dibujandoarte on Flickr.

Study of lights & shadows +Colours and compostion. I'm trying to see which
colours as a basis are better for the skin. I usually use just the 3
primary (CMY) + white. A little black to make different values of grey and
nothing else. In this case didn't use magenta but crimson, and ulttamarine
instead of cyan.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

flowers in the beginning

flowers in the beginning by dibujandoarte
flowers in the beginning, a photo by dibujandoarte on Flickr.
     "[...] When i found that loose floor tile at the foot of my bed i saw some light coming out and obviously caught my attention.
     I removed it together with the others touching it and found the stairs going down. Suddenly, I could hardly believe my eyes when I found myself standing under my own house.
Had i travelled back through time? I was at the same place but just before nothing was built. No houses, no people...
     I can only see a strong daylight that almost hurt my eyes standing frozen under the shadow of the house; there's just a lot of high grass all around and the flowers growing wild. I hear only silence, if silence can be heard. Lots of it. Not even the soft wind makes a noise or the plants moving with it. Been there more than once as far as I can remember. It's just nature growing fast, wild and free. [...]"
 mf 2014

Thursday, 23 January 2014

The waiting.

The waiting. by dibujandoarte 
The waiting. 
Still life. About 40x80 cm. Acrylic on wood.

The waiting. Detail 1 by dibujandoarte

The waiting. Detail 4 by dibujandoarte   The waiting. Detail 2 by dibujandoarte   The waiting. Detail 3 by dibujandoarte
The varnish and the lights in my studio together with a low-quality cellphone cam, 
makes it difficult to take a decent pic. Though in some way i think it enhances the real painting hehe.