Friday, 24 July 2009

they can walk anywhere they like

i made a watercolour from a photo i had from my holidays in 2007. i found a sketch i had done back in 2005, then i thought of making this couple walk on the sand to the house on the peer entrance. i started cutting the sketch then taking some pics to see what it looked like.
unfortunately my winter vacations will be over in august then i won't have enough time to play around with this but start again with school work. but what i will mostly miss is visiting blogs as i'm enjoying so much these last few weeks...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


here is a scan of the watercolour i did last night. the last post was a set of photos i took while still wet.

sketch in watercolour

sketch in watercolour
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another sketch from a magazine photo. i would like to use my own photos but i don't have photos of people, they're mostly landscape... anyway sometimes it's the only way to practice. i know i should've stuck the paper on a board but i don't always do that...