Wednesday, 27 June 2007

live "puppy" model sketches


i've been busy with a lot of work during the last weeks, but also got a strong flu and i've been with temperature and had to quit all my activities. i haven't been able to draw, i couldn't read all emails to the edm and i couldn't visit many blogs either, i know it'll take me really a lot of time to do it but I WILL. I love to see everyone's blogs from EDM. now i'm posting these 4 sketches i did last week, after a hard day's work and then i needed some distraction. it's a new puppy we have at home, she doesn't ever stop, just wihle sleeping, but as soon as I can restart my normal life I'll use her as my model for my sketches, i can't wait.

Friday, 1 June 2007

original life drawing

original life drawing
original life drawing,
originally uploaded by dibujando arte.
this is the original sketch i made with pencil

life drawing + digital

life drawing + digital yesterday i did only this life sketch from the model then i worked on it with the pen & tablet. i'm learning how to use it and don't like it much. there's nothing like a real pencil.... besides i think i added a little bit of everyhing then it's too loaded.