Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Life sketching

Life sketching by dibujandoarte

A quick sketch i did during this morning while the class was working. I
added a couple of "details" later.

Friday, 25 October 2013


Portrait by dibujandoarte
Portrait, a photo by dibujandoarte on Flickr.
this is a painting i did last evening after a magazine ad. i started it
with marker on a very thin low quality paper and ended up painting it with
oil on top.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

engraving - paisaje del norte

the same block, the first one printed using the roller to ink.

engraving by dibujandoarte

 this one was inked a la poupée as a drypoint, the difference is that is was drawn on PVC with a soldering iron.
engraving by dibujandoarte
engraving, a photo by dibujandoarte on Flickr.

in memoriam: each one of you - "cada uno de ustedes"

printed in cromatic black (?),  I mean I prepared the ink using magenta, blue and yellow.

engraving by dibujandoarte

Monday, 23 September 2013

dibujandoarte is here. not there and everywhere.


I just want to say that I do not have any ".com" website.

I created "dibujandoarte" (which means drawing art") myself as a nickname in 2006 NOT COPYING anyone else's. By then, I signed up at blogger for but I made a silly mistake with my password and it was blocked (luckily a short time ago I got it back, but it's not updated yet like this blog).

So, and the nickname dibujandoarte have been running since 2007 as most of my accounts in Flickr,Tumblrand many other places on the WWW.

I am a simple person, an art teacher who sometimes believes can make some art too. In no way
I criticize the works of others, even less THE MASTERS', or think my stuff is better than anyone else's. What I do is just mine and always is what I can -and want to- do at a certain time, so I show only some of it in all these sites, mostly here and flickr.

My way of viewing art changes all the time, as the subjects of my compositions, or the media I
use. I would never defy art history as it's written in most art books, even less "when the truth is plain to see" (like I've heard somewhere in some mystery film :)

We can't decide what's best, what's wrong, as art is subjective. I leave that part to the art institutions i.e. museums, curators, artists, art historians -who really study much more than we can imagine- the public, etc.

Let's think that even subconsciously there are works which can challenge logic, and that can be wonderful. Using logic in art is like pretending to shake hands with the actors after viewing the film or arguing with the characters as the film is showing.

You can get in touch through email: dibujandoarte(at) /

Hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to leave any comments if you wish.
Thanks for visiting, Martín.

Sunday, 16 June 2013