Friday, 31 August 2007

portrait party: kerstin

portrait party: kerstin portrait party: kerstin, originally uploaded by dibujandoarte.
Here's a portrait i did from kerstin from snowflakes and black vampires . what i did is a pencil drawing then once scanned i used a photo with a sky as a background, did some details with the tablet and changed colours, to make it look a little "dark", vampire-like, hahaha. check out her site here to read her post about this portrait trade or see the other potraits she did here if you are interested in entering the portrait party with me or her please write to us.
and here's the one she did from me after a photo i sent her

Monday, 27 August 2007

life sketches

these are all 4 - 5 min steches in which the model was moving slowly from pose to pose where she remained for those 4 min.

sketch 1-life drawing

sketch 1-life drawing sketch 1-life drawing, originally uploaded by dibujandoarte.
this sketch is the one i used for the bigger drawing with pastels

drawing after life sketch

drawing after life sketch drawing after life sketch, originally uploaded by dibujandoarte.
for the first time, i think, i took one of my quick sketches (sketch 1) into a big drawing, using white & sanguine pastels and Siberia (char)coal by cretacolor on heavy brown (craft) paper

some scribbles

some scribbles some scribbles, originally uploaded by dibujandoarte.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

based on "aquellos años" - photo by majovila @ flickr

I did this portrait sketch using a photo by majovila with her permission, check out her beautiful photos

I think I'm going to work on a series with this very interesting photo. GRACIAS MAJO!!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

EDM challenge # 60 -( in situ )

just fooling around with paint shop pro, placed the car in a street, on a photo i took last saturday when coming back from the live-model-classes in front of the train station. by the way last sunday, the teacher i work with/for, appeared in one magazine that comes with the most sold newspaper in our country, together with two models that she usually hires for the classes. when i took this pic i was about to get the magazine

EDM challenge # 60 = draw an automovile

i found this pic in a magazine yesterday. it's quite difficult to draw a car i've seen. never did before, so can this be the beginning..?¿

EDM challenge # 121

EDM challenge # 121
it's strange. coins always existed in my country but only in the last few years they have gained some value again. our money always lost value so quickly that coins never had any value to even buy a candy. in the old days people could but lots of food or things just some coins, nowadays they don't have such a big value but you need them all the time to speak on public phones or even to ride a bus. the only way to ride a bus is to use coins into a machine next to the driver. no coins no ride. so we are always trying to get coins when we buy something to later have "for the bus".

EDM challenge # 122

EDM challenge # 122
the precess: a pear drawn in graphite pencil. lettering in black marker. border: purple watercolour pencil. Scanned then applied a layer using a photo of the sky I took las saturday and which I previously changed the RGB tones to turn it into green. it only appears under the pear. there are some addings of yellow & bown with the tablet pen too. too complicated for just a single pear, ha?

Sunday, 19 August 2007


calas i did this drawing about 2 years ago. an art gallery has it but apparently noone has shown interest in it...=( YET! i did it with some calas i asked my grandma from her garden.

life drawing -

life drawing -
life drawing -,
originally uploaded by dibujando arte.
a 5 min sketch. later i added the backgound

Thursday, 16 August 2007

EDM challenge # 52 - draw a dog

EDM challenge # 52 - draw a dog EDM challenge # 52 - draw a dog
Challenge #52 - Draw a dog (yours or a friends or anyone's) and journal about your dog relationships. These are three sketches I did during the weekend while our dog was sleepy. She's been at home since about two months ago. I had other dog, the first one I ever had, but she died in 2004. With her I really learnt what having a pet was like. pencil on orange paper

Sunday, 12 August 2007

EDM challenge# 17 = draw a musical instrument

EDM challenge#17 = draw a musical instrument perhaps you won't believe me but i did this WC yesterday because of the violin. i love violins, the shape is so sophisticated, and i got this photo from a magazine, the woman plays the violin among and to her grape-vines. there is a problem i couldn't solve in one of the finger (the middle one of her left hand -right side of the image) I have to study more what the problem is to solve it, apart from that i call it finished.

EDM challenge # 2= Draw a desk lamp or other lamp

EDM challenge # 2= Draw a desk lamp or other lamp this little lamp, less than 3" tall, has a long story. anyway if you fill it it work like a real size one. this is a quick sketch in pencil then worked on it with paint shop pro

EDM challenge # 120= draw a flashlight

EDM challenge # 120= draw a flashlight some of the cheap things i buy during the the subway ride. sometimes it's just lost money. in this case apparently not... up to now.