Saturday, 24 March 2007

life drawings 2

saturday, as usual we have classes at a cultural center, i assist the art teacher during the classes, help the students, and other stuff. so whenever there are a few minutes left, when nobody needs our help, i take a sketchbook or just a piece of paper and try to skecth the model. in this case they are 4-5 minutes sketches. i'm not looking for the details now, just trying to get the pose. i don't know if i do, what do you think about these? feel free to leave your comments or email me. Next saturday, if it doesn't rain (hope not!), we're going to take the class to sketch in a big square, where there are lots of people, trees, birds, buildings and statues all around, let's see what i can do. hope to have some free minutes to sketch with my watercolours.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

EDM challenge # 111

well, as i said in my mail i was wondering how to and which bowl to draw. i took one from the cupboard, then i made up the other two. i don't have the slightest idea of how these forms are, so i just made them to look similar to express my idea, just that. didn't want to look up in a book or the web to see how they are. hope you like them.

just pencil

and these are my invented "bowl"s

hehe, really silly jokes.

Monday, 19 March 2007

life drawings

these are two 1-or-2-minute-sketches i did last week on the bus, as these men were about to get off.
i did these two yesterday. also quick ones while the model was posing for the students. the first time i draw live model since last december, i think i have to start practising more...

EDM challenges

I subscribed to the group this week, after i got the list of challenges i printed it.... and yesterday i started to draw some of them. with time i hope to complete the whole list. i'm very excited about it, i mean this group. it's very encouraging to have people who supports what we do, isn't it? of course critics are welcome too, they help us see the mistakes we don't by ourselves. i have to thank Nina for the great welcome, and also Casey for her nice words. Aslo all the others who wrote to me or answered my mails. thanks. Challenge # 82: draw your artspace (messy table, perhaps??)

Challenge # 91: draw an apple

Challenge # 105: draw some scissors Challenge # 110: draw something with a flame

Sunday, 18 March 2007

bothanical park

a couple of months ago i went to a bothanical park with a group of friends and these are the sketches i like the most.

cats in this place move very quicly to be drawn, so i only could make some quick sketches in pencil like this one

holiday sketches

I did these sketches and a few others while I was a few days off to the sea.