Thursday, 30 April 2015

back to classics

back to classics by dibujandoarte
back to classics, a photo by dibujandoarte on Flickr.
after so many crazy stuff I always need to back to "more realistic" works,
in this case I was trying some new paper I just bought and came across this
image from a book.
charcoal on paper, kneaded eraser and fingers. about 45x65 cm.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

vivid 1-2-8

vivid 1-2-8 by dibujandoarte
vivid 1-2-8, a photo by dibujandoarte on Flickr.
i'm trying to turn things that I feel unpleasant​ or as a dead space-time
into something vivid, like the 1st, 2nd and 8th definitions from "the free

vivid (ˈvɪvɪd)
*1. *(of a colour) very bright; having a very high saturation or purity;
produced by a pure oralmost pure colouring agent
*2. *brilliantly coloured: vivid plumage.
*3. *conveying to the mind striking realism, freshness, or trueness to life;
graphic: a vividaccount.
*4. *(of a recollection, memory, etc) remaining distinct in the mind
*5. *(of the imagination, etc) prolific in the formation of lifelike images
*6. *making a powerful impact on the emotions or senses: a vivid feeling of
*7. *uttered, operating, or acting with vigour: vivid expostulations.
*8. *full of life or vitality: a vivid personality.