Wednesday, 10 October 2007


illustration Originally uploaded by dibujandoarte
a friend of mine asked me to do an illustration for a friend of hers' blog. that girl is an actress and wanted a fun illustration out of a photo. i took only the image of her face to do the drawing. in the end i think she won't use it. anyway i decided to post it here cause it took me a lot of time to make it & i like it.


Susan Cornelis said...

I like this illustration so much Martin! Can't imagine why she wouldn't use it. I'd like to have that relaxed, suspended posture in all I do.

dibujandoarte said...

i don't know... she's a trapeze artist, that's why i was inspired to do this "fun" image for her blog. anyway it was fun doing it.

Warroya said...

Hi Martin,
I love this I guess she is not as out of the box as some of us. I love the movement and the colour. Just remember love your art some will some wont so what someone is waiting, B&P Soroya aka Warroya

Pequete said...

Well, I would definitely use it! It's a gorgeous piece.

Teri C said...

Martin, you should post this to Illustration Friday. The word this week is extreme and this is really neatly extreme.

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