Saturday, 2 August 2014

Flickr and Blogger are no longer friends??

Since 2007 I had my accounts linked, so whenever I sent an email with the image to Flickr, it would automatically send the pic + text to blogger, but since a few months ago I started to notice that images paradoxically apperead in Blogger but not in Flickr.
And now there's no way to get the image into blogger. I can share it to twitter, facebook, tumblr but no way to this blog... surely policies have changed but I would have been polite from the yahoo side to let us know about that, or am I the only one dealing with this issue?
Feel free to leave any comments if you know how I can fix it. Thanks in advance.


Serena Lewis said...

Hi Martin,

I did a bit of research and found this excerpt in the Flickr help menu. Not sure if the info helps but it appears that you can no longer set up the automatic option to upload to Blogger due to the newer Flickr interface.

Excerpt - If you want to share via Blogger, you must for now at least, access the share menus from the old style photo page (the one with comments under the photos). You must open "more ways to share" under the "share this via" menu under the share icon. If you are trying to share even your own photos from the "new experience" photo pages by grabbing anything other than the url link, then the permission to share for the photo, even your own photos, must be allowed under the account settings of the copyright holder of the photo in question.

Dibujandoarte said...

Thanks Serena. I've tried and tried and there's no way, as you tell me, that Flickr posts the image to blogger. The last time I could do it was about a month ago, and it was so easy... Via Blogger doesn't appear the option to share to flickr, for me it was easy to send the pic through email and got seen in both sides... Tahanks for you kindness and help! Hugs, Martín.

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