Saturday, 23 October 2010

pencil studies

these two are lights and shadows studies. one of them if using a model, the geometrical bodies one is made up.


lesliepaints said...

Very neat value studies, Martin. I want to try the shape one with my drawing students next semester. I especially like the composition in that one with the long dark shadows. The top one is creative with everything toppled over. The cat must have run past?

dibujandoarte said...

hahahaah the top one was arranged by the teacher on a table in the middle of the classroom, where we could all watch and draw, my point of view wasn't the best I guess, hahaa. The one below was made up by me, I should have made the bodies in board but didn't have time to make them so I just invented it, how strange, eh? Thanks again for the feedback. I wish I had more time to visit and comment in your blog, though I always get the emails with your new entries and look at them. hugs.

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