Monday, 5 April 2010

very, but VERY old sketches

inspired by Leslie White's post Beginning Strokes i told her i'd look for my first life drawing in 2001 to post, though i haven't found it (yet...). instead i found some older sketches. A pencil drawing I had made for one of my best friends, that is from Germany and who I still never met personally (I hope we don't have to wait for other 22 years to meet each other!!); this one is a scan of a photocopy i had made for me then, it must be from 1988 -1989 i don't remember now. I can't believe how time flies, i remember making this drawing and over 21 have already passed...

Then i also found some watercolour sketches from around 1996

and also a sketch in coloured pencils, this one also must be from mid 90's

I realy hope to find that first life sketch, from about 9 years ago...

Don't forget to visit Leslie's wonderful blog, if you already haven't, you'll enjoy it very much!


lesliepaints said...

What fun, Martin! I love them. I see your attention to detail in the first one and your love of color in the two watercolors and your studiousness in the apple. These are priceless aren't they? How far we grow when we keep going! Thank-you for referencing my blog!

dibujandoarte said...

hahaah thanks Leslie! These are just a few old works i keep, i usually throw my stuff away, hehehe. but yes it's nice to see i've somewhat grown... ;)

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