Tuesday, 6 April 2010

another old (imaginary) sketch

this sketch is newer than the other ones i posted yesterday, though it's from 2003. :S


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the exagerrated forshortening in this. Also, very creative Martin. I don't know how to play chess nor which piece this is, but it's cool. Is that a horse's hoof for a foot? Love it!

dibujandoarte said...

hahaha thanks. i don't know much how to play chess, in fact I've played mostly against the computer not with real people, hehe. I don't know the pieces names in English but yes, it's the hoof of a horse and his head like a tower. i had been inspired to change the perspective as i had looked at a portait made by an artist called Hector Borla. google him and you'll see the fantastic things he did. thanks so much for always being there!!

imelda said...

hey martin i always admired ur sketches and i still do. i missed it here bro. but now im back. pls visit me

dibujandoarte said...

thanks Imelda for visiting and leaving your comment.

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