Wednesday, 31 March 2010

she, at the garden II & III

january sun appearing among the foliage of the garden, then its light making shapes among the shadows of the trees, as if asking to be painted.
that magic instants captured in the chip of a camera till now, when lights, shadows and shapes try to be, once again, in the illusion of a painting but keeping the remembrance of that moment.


Ellen said...

Very pretty! The light is wonderful. Great job!

dibujandoarte said...

Hi Ellen! Thanks so much for your visit and comment!

lesliepaints said...

Absolutely beautiful, Martin. Two of my favorites of yours! Bravo!!!!

Janene said...

She looks like a dedicated gardener--no wonder her garden is so lovely! Very nicely done!

dibujandoarte said...

Thank you Leslie and Janene!

Janene: in fact this is not her garden, this was at the garden of a museum, though i think it's wonderful if an image can make the person who looks at it imagine anything, that's a part of the magic art has, isn't it? Thanks!

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