Saturday, 20 February 2010


selfprotrait Originally uploaded by dibujandoarte
once more, me facing a mirror, this time oil pastels and turpentine to blend at hand... (I should use cleaner colours but i can't help mixing and using dirty ones, haha). I was too tired when i did it so now i realized my eyes are in a different line but the idea was to also not add too much details. i tried to make it using shapes and not using lines i mean rather pictorial than drawing


phthaloblu said...

Wow, Martin. That's dramatic. The lighting, the colors used. I like that idea of using shapes instead of lines. Maybe I should try that. I haven't done a SP that I thought resembled me. Nice job! It's alos nice to see what you look like! :D

dibujandoarte said...

Thank you Sherie! Later I'll upload a photo of mine in FB, cause I don't think I ever posted a photo of mine, hahahaah. You'll see I don't look much like this portrait, hahahaah I HOPE SO! HAHAHAHAHA. I used a spot light facing at me to start painting, but I didn't want to do details, just tried to use the few colors I have in pastels according to the warm light. Thanks for visiting!!

nanke's stuff said...

I like this very much, and using shapes rather than lines is a great approach. I took a quick spin thru your other posted work and had a very nice time seeing the variety of media and techniques you use. Well done! nancy

Krista Meister said...

Nice to find your blog through EDM. I love your style and great self-portrait.
-Krista Meister

dibujandoarte said...

Thank you very much for your visit and comments Nancy and Krista!

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin,
your art is very impressive! I like the way you use colors,in so many different mediums. Your self portrait is really good, not an easy thing to do.
Thank you for your help

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