Wednesday, 20 January 2010

gouache painting

gouache painting Originally uploaded by dibujandoarte
this painting was my final work for the subject at school (painting I) Unfortunaltely the teacher couldn't see it. She was diagnosed of a terminal illness a few days before the final exam so she was hospitalized. After I came back from holidays a few days ago I learnt she passed away on jan 02. I couldn't thank her for the freedom I'd felt painting during the year term in her classes, though I had told her, the last day I saw her, I was planning to do two subjects with her this year 2010, but it that won't be possible now. Everytime we met on the street or in some school hall a smiled lightened up her face under the dark glasses she was always wearing. i'll always remember that. Wherever she is now, she must be painting, drawing and making jokes for sure. rip After the final exam I took this painting (110x75 cm) to a contest at an art galley. I didn't expect to win of course, and luckily it was not rejected so it's still hanging on their walls. Surely in a few days I'll have to pick it up as a new exhibition will be held. the painting is in gouache, on heavy paper first covered with gesso, . after it was finished I stuck it to a 0,5 cm thick wood and covered the whole painting on top with turpentine and dammar varnish to protect it

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