Friday, 3 October 2008

life drawing

life drawing
Originally uploaded by dibujandoarte
50 x 70 cm sketch. seeing it now on the screen i find her head ended up a litter bigger beyond other mistakes


Pequete said...

I don't think the head is too big, I think it's fine. Actually, we usually tend to do the opposite and draw the heads too small. The only thing I notice here as not so well are the feet - they seem too small. But then, maybe that's just how they are (I have big feet, so I always think other people's are small...)
I wish I could do a life drawing like this!

dibujandoarte said...

sure pequete, that was one of the other problems this drawing has. seeing it now again after a couple of weeks, i find it too big on top (from hips to head) for those legs and feet, anyway it's a good reason to keep trying and trying. thank you so much for visiting and your sincerity. hugs.

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