Monday, 28 April 2008

today's drawing at school

today's drawing at school
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apparently we'll be the whole year drawing this kind of sutff at the drawing class... i guess it'll help me see shapes, negative spaces, proportions, in order to start with the human figure in a couple of years... i need to be positive, how i wish i could take my set of watercolours and start sketching but i can't. the good thing also is we've started working in big papers so i'm outta my 6x8" sketchbooks.


caseytoussaint said...

Maybe you could still sketch on weekends?I'm going to miss your life drawing!
These are beautifully accurate though, and I especially like the second one. You're going to draw even better than you do now when you get through this!

dibujandoarte said...

THANK YOU CASEY!!! Don't worry about my life drawing =), cause on saturdays I work during several hours in life drawing workshops, so as always, whenever I have some free minutes during helping/teaching the students I try to sketch. When I said life class will be in about two years I meant at the school where I've started studying visual arts. Thanks sooooo much for visiting and leaving comments!!! Hugs, Martín.

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