Sunday, 1 July 2007

life drawing

life drawing life drawing, originally uploaded by dibujando arte.
this is a quick sketch i did yesterday during one of the classes. i see i need to practise more. i wish i can find the time to do it. life is getting too boring without being able to draw as much as i'd like. i guess i should fix a couple of things...


mARTa said...

You are a very good yes, fix a few things so you can make more art! Espero que te sientes mejor estos dias?


para ser un rapidin esta muy bien.
i hope some day i can have more time to dedicated to me, myself and i... i mean, i would like to have time to do everything i like,
i've tried fixing so many things in my life and in my schedules and i just don't manage to get anywere (and not to say that i'm unemployed).
i admire the people that accomplish there goals no matter what...
i just wish there would be days with 72 hours instead of 24... i guess i ask for to much.
get better...bittersweet kisses for you

platitudinal said...

I am liking this pose very much. Are you going to develop this sketch into a painting?

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