Monday, 10 December 2007

press pause then draw!

press pause then draw! Originally uploaded by dibujandoarte
pressing pause on a video has been a task i started many years ago. i had a VCR which after 5 minutes continued playing so i had to hurry before the scene changed it was quite difficult to make a pause on the exact scene, for example a dancing figure. luckily now the DVD gives more time. a pencil sketch then digital process with paint shop pro, resizing, adding different colours on the low & mid tones


Martha said...

An excellent idea! I have a video of animals in Africa - might try that one.

I like what you've done here, and also really like your recent self-portraits.

janet said...

What a great idea! I'll have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing this idea.

Anonymous said...

That's actually a fantastic idea. I should try this one day, too.

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