Tuesday, 16 October 2007

coffee and salt

finally after several months, i did try with coffee, as suggested by several from EDM but especially by the idea of Claudia (time passages) creating a flickr pool. i saw the salt worked well on the coffee, better than on watercolours i'd say. you have to try it, it's fun. gonna work some more with this technique but won't add any marker lines, though. i used as model another sketch from last saturday too.
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juj said...

Wow! You've been incredibly busy lately, and there is so much good stuff to see! I love the life sketches in watercolor - they are so dynamic and powerful and the colors just sing. And I love the way you reworked them in coffee - the line and composition of that top one is just fabulous.

Claudia said...

I'm impressed! And the idea to use salt with coffee - really creative! Well done!

phthaloblu said...

Cool effects with the salt. The whole coffee painting has really taken off. I like these a lot.

cmorgenstern said...

Painting with coffee? Never heard of it. What a great idea. Will try. Thanks for your input.

dibujandoarte said...

Hi Christa! Claudia used to have a flickr group for paintings made with coffee. take a look at the link above. best wishes.

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